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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I accept nothing less or something better

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Manifesting Advice - The biggest hurdle many folks face in creating abundance is surrendering control over to the universe, allowing it to bring them the prosperity they desire. We fret and stew. We mistakenly focus on the "lack of having" instead of allowing opportunities and relationships to evolve naturally. Just as a watched pot never boils our manifestation seeds cannot grow optimally when worry, fear, or anxiousness overshadow them.

My advice is to not dwell on whatever it is that you are wanting to happen or changes you desire in your life. Empower yourself by stating your intention request and release it to the universal winds to carry it out into the world where it can attract the energies you wish to have returned to you. Then, get busy living your life day-to-day, do whatever you can to find happiness in every moment.

Don't get stuck in "It won't ever happen" or 'I'm not deserving" defeating thinking. Be willing to accept opportunities from a variety of doors... accept nothing less than what you desire or something better.

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