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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Paralysed Man Can Stand and Move His Legs Again!

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This article from BBC news does not surprise me for two reasons. Technology and information is increasing at such a rapid rate. In ten years this will all be old news. There will be even more new therapies. The second reason is because we had a bassett hound that was paralyzed and we got him walking again. He at death’s door, in great pain and on prednisone. We took him to a vet that was amazing. He was placed in an electromagnetic field 16 times over 3 days and when we went to get him he was like a puppy again! He could not walk yet but all the pain was gone and he could scoot around easily. How we got him walking after that using energy healing, is another cool story, (I will blog that later). In this story, the man was given electrical stimulation. My dog was given electrical stimulation AND magnetic stimulation at the same time. Absolutely amazing. Google magnet therapy or magnet healing and you will be amazed. I will be blogging about this as well soon, as that is what my energy band study, that I am involved in, is about. Watch my videos. Meanwhile, Read on…….

Paralysed Man Can Stand and Move His Legs Again!

Mr Summers: ”The moment I stood up, I was in disbelief”

A US man who was paralysed from the chest down after being hit by a car is now able to stand with electrical stimulation of his spinal cord.

Rob Summers, from Oregon, said standing on his own was “the most amazing feeling”.

He can voluntarily move his toes, hips, knees and ankles and also walk on a treadmill while being supported, according to research in the Lancet.

However, a UK expert said this should not be interpreted as a cure.

Rob Summers is able to stand while his spinal cord is stimulated

Rob was a keen baseball player and in 2006 was part of the team which won the College World Series.

But in that summer he was injured in a hit and run accident and his spinal cord was damaged.

Messages from the brain, which used to travel down the spinal cord, were blocked and he was paralysed.

Doctors surgically implanted 16 electrodes into his spine.

Rob trained daily in trying to stand, walk and move his legs, while electrical pulses were sent to the spinal cord.

Within days he was able to stand independently and eventually he could control his legs and step, with assistance, for short periods of time.

“None of us believed it,” said Professor Reggie Edgerton, from the University of California. “I was afraid to believe it.”

In most spinal cord injuries only a small amount of the tissue is damaged so many nerve cells remain.

The researchers say these cells pick up signals from the legs and respond automatically. This is what allows a healthy person to stand still or walk without actively thinking about it and it is this process the doctors were trying to tap into.

But after a spinal injury the cells need help, in this case precise electric stimulation.

It mimics a message from the brain to start moving and changes the “mood” of the spinal cord so that it is able to hear the information which is coming in from the legs and respond. Researchers say this, coupled with intensive training, allowed Rob to stand or walk while supported on a treamill.

The researchers admit to having “no idea” about how the brain was also able to gain direct control of the toes, knee and hips.

They speculate that some nerve cells are being reactivated or maybe more of them are being created allowed signals from the brain to pass down the spinal cord.

Rob has also regained other functions such as bladder, bowel and blood pressure control.

He said it had been a “long journey of countless hours of training” which had “completely changed my life”.

He added: “For someone who for four years was unable to even move a toe, to have the freedom and ability to stand on my own is the most amazing feeling.”

By James Gallagher Health reporter, BBC News

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