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Monday, May 30, 2011

Some Misconceptions Surrounding Aromatherapy

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It is okay to be a “newbie” in the world of aromatherapy. There are many people who have never tried it before because they just don’t know where to start, or they are clouded by common myths and misconceptions.

The reality of it is that using essential oils and aromatherapy can help alleviate stress and tension in almost anyone—and it is easy, too. If you do not fully understand the facts about aromatherapy, here are some common misconceptions and the truths.

Aromatherapy is only for people who shun medicine and opt for holistic treatment. The truth: while many people who believe in holistic and natural healing do, in fact, use aromatherapy, just as many people use it who do use traditional medicine. In fact, essential oils are often complimentary to traditional medicines and medical treatment.

You can only use essential oils if they are warmed. Truth: While it is true that essential oils do have a stronger aroma when warm, you can still get their effect when they are not. In fact, you should never heat essential oils over an open flame because it is flammable. You should always follow the direction on any diffuser that you heat and make sure it is supervised at all times.

Some Misconceptions Surrounding Aromatherapy

Essential oils are not safe for children, elderly and pregnant women. Truth: This can be the case, but not always. Some oils will have clearly stated warning labels and you should read and adhere to those very carefully. Some oils, such as lavender have been known to start premature labor when used in excess. If a person is taking certain medications, then caution should be used on some essential oils. The bottom line is that you should always use caution when using essential oils or any type of medication.

You should never use essential oils around pets. The truth: You can use essential oils around pets and in your home. It is okay for your pet to smell the scents. It is not safe however, to massage your pet using essential oils or use it directly on your pet’s skin or fur. This is because they could easily lick their fur and ingest high amounts of the oil, which is not safe for pets or humans. Caution should be use.

Essential oils are expensive. The truth: Yes, some of these types of oils are pricey, however, as with most anything; you have to remember that you get what you pay for. Some of the more expensive oils will be harder to find or will be in a very pure form. You can buy cheaper essential oils, but these may not be the highest quality that you can buy. You can shop around on the Internet or through catalogs to compare prices and try to find the best deal.

Essential oils are not good to use other than for aromatherapy. The truth is that essential oils are great for using around the home. You can use some oils for treatment for skin irritations, head lice, antiseptics when cleaning and disinfectants. Remember, people have been using essential oils for centuries before cleaners and man-made products were on the market.

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Some Misconceptions Surrounding Aromatherapy

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